Niron Systems & Projects Ltd. is a recognized provider of sophisticated technological solutions for Defense and Homeland Security applications. With many years of accumulated experience backing a strong command of the most advanced modern technologies, the company’s engineers specialize in the development and production of integrated solutions for a variety of manned and unmanned airborne, ground and surface naval platforms. These include control systems for weapon delivery and Chaff & Flare Dispensing Systems; mission and communication computers; display and switching units; hardware and software solutions for real-time systems.

To provide our customers with the most advanced technological solutions for command and control, mission and communication computers, hardware and software for real-time and offline systems.

  • To attain and sustain market leadership by guaranteeing outstanding excellance, and offering budget-conscious customer-focused products and services.

  • To achieve uncompromising quality and reliability standards, and uphold absolute professionalism in our areas of specilalization.

  • Armament Control and Delivery Systems

  • Chaff & Flare Dispensing Systems

  • Operator Control Systems

  • Mission Computers

  • Multy-Function Displays

  • Fire Control Systems:

    • Mission Computers

    • Navigation Aids

    • Glass Cockpit

  • EW Systems:

    • Missile Warning Systems

    • Radar Warning System

    • Laser Warning System

  • UAV Systems

    • Airborne Avionics

  • Datalinks

  • Communication

  • System Integration Laboratories