Armament Systems

In today’s increasingly hostile environment, even utility helicopters and other light aerial platforms need security enhancements to improve its survivability and ensure mission completion. In the asymmetrical warfare arena that evolved in recent years, any self defense solution should include offensive capabilities, to deter and repel enemy attacks.

A good offensive self defense system must provide guaranteed performance and operational readiness, while keeping operating and maintenance tasks to a minimum. In addition, the system should provide for continuous implementation of innovative process and hardware improvements.

Niron Systems & Projects offers an advanced weapon control system – the RGAS, an affordable and low weight solution supporting current and future needs.


Chaff & Flare Dispensing Systems

In today’s potentially hostile environment, there is little doubt that utility helicopters and other light aerial platforms need to increase their survivability while meeting mission demands. For added protection In the asymmetrical warfare arena, the self defense suites should include passive countermeasures capabilities, to fend off attacks.

Niron Systems & Projects offers an advanced Chaff and Flare Dispensing System  the CAFDS. The system provides the aircraft with protection from air-to-air and surface-to-air radar and heat seeking missiles.

The CADFS enhance the aircraft survivability and ensures mission completion, while supporting current and future needs, with low weight and at affordable cost.