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The UAST is an advanced portable, low weight and battery operated flight line test set. It is used to perform operational and testing of the armament system, to verify mission readiness and check for stray voltage.

The UAST check and verify system functionality such as MIL-STD- 1760 signals, RS-170 Video, Audio signals, RS-422 Com and more, and verify that voltage and stray voltage are NOT present at the station before loading weapons on the platform.

The UAST can check different systems using adapters:

  • Ejector Rack as MAU-12 and more

  • AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile

  • Python 4/5 Missiles

  • SUU-20 Bomb dispenser

  • GUNs as M61 Vulcan and more

  • MER & TER Ejector Racks